Why is this lady smiling?

Dialysis is a never-ending pain which kills you in three years or less, on average.

The medical way of saying this is that dialysis “carries significant morbidity and mortality.”

First, the morbidity: getting stuck with large-bore needles three days a week, having large volumes of fluid shift out of your body, having an imbalance of key electrolytes and minerals in your body, not to mention difficulties with your access to the hemodialysis machine–clotting, narrowing, occasional infection. The average dialysis patient spends 6 weeks in the hospital because of these problems. (Peritoneal dialysis is not as bad, but this lady is on HEMOdialysis).

Now, for the mortality: diabetes and high blood pressure kill patients on dialysis through heart disease: heart attacks and heart failure. Dialysis doesn’t stop this; it accelerates what these diseases are doing to your heart. The average life expectancy on dialysis is in single digits, no matter what your age. For a 65 year old, it’s 2.5 years.

The only smart option for kidney failure is a kidney transplant. The good news is that preventing 90% of dialysis will enable the remaining 10% of patients to get a kidney.

If this message becomes known globally, the world could become dialysis-free perhaps as early as 2020.


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Preventing dialysis if you have diabetes or high blood pressure

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